Thursday, June 19, 2008

Andy's Birthday

No pix again today. Still looking for the right digital camera, in our price range.

We had a great party for Andy's 12th birthday -- two actually, since the kids' party was on Monday, his actual birthday, with what Andy called a 'family after-party' on Tuesday night when Gary got home. Pizza both times, of course!

Andy had planned to shop for his birthday gifts on ebay, and when asked what he wanted told his friends cash. By the end of his party he had quite a bit of cash, and decided to check out Target before hitting ebay. We came home from Target with two big lego building sets, a remote control helicopter, a Rubik's cube and huge Nerf crossbow.

He has already assembled the lego sets, successfully flown the helicopter several times and fired the crossbow countless times. He had bought another lego set last week with some birthday money Grandma & Grandpa sent, so he's been busy churning out the lego creations for the past few days.

The Rubik's cube has been the most interesting to watch since Monday. He bought it Monday morning, and promptly scrambled it. He tried to solve it thru the day -- taking a break for his party. By Tuesday morning, he was ready to find a solution online, but they all took too long for him. He chose instead to dismantle the cube, thinking he'd put it back together. Moments later I was asked to reassemble the cube. Okay, not a big job, only took a few minutes and it sat for a while in its pristine state. Later he scrambled it again, then announced he wanted to take the color stickers off. I thought he wanted to try to put them back on to make the cube 'solved' and pointed out that once peeled off, the stickers likely won't go back on easily. No problem, he didn't want them back on -- the cube will now be a controller for some fantastic, imagined lego creation (I've forgotten what was called). He likes the idea of being able to spin the cube levels without being concerned about the disordered color squares, and where else are you going to find a controller for his amazing lego creations?

I'm curious to find out what the next incarnation will be for the Rubik's Cube.