Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Park Days

Just some photos taken yesterday at the park hanging out with our local tribe. 

It was a glorious day, with perfect temperatures, a lovely breeze, and kids running, climbing, chasing, throwing water balloons, and more.  

Scotty, Dan & Forest in their favorite tree.  Dan is still wearing the removable velcro splint on his arm, after 6 weeks in a hard cast.  This Friday, we have one more series of x-rays and expect to be free of the splint entirely!  It's been an interesting spring without the usual activities. 

 I love park days like this! 

Tent Rocks Spring 2012

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted anything here! 18 months. 

So, it's not that we've done nothing in the past year and a half, just that I was lazy about getting the camera out, and even lazier about moving those pictures to my laptop. 

Dan's new haircut! First time in 6 years his hair has been this short.  

This past weekend, we had our annual hike of Tent Rocks, with several friends.  

Andy, sitting atop his favorite perch at the end of the climb.  Tent Rocks, called Kasha Katuwe in Keresan, the language of the local Pueblos is one of Andy's favorite places and it's become his annual pilgrimage.  Usually, we make the climb in March, tho this year we delayed to wait for Dan's broken arm to heal.  April 29th was a perfect day for the hike, tho.  Cloud cover for the climb, a nice breeze, blue skies and just perfect temperatures.  As a bonus, this year Andy drove to Tent Rocks!  

There was, of course, arm wrestling.  This is the only match that made it into the photo collection.