Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall Days

Well, it's fall here -- the days are cooler, breezy and much too short! Just as boredom threatened, the new museum membership card arrived in the mail. Fourteen months of free access to two of our favorite museums, and a third we keep saying we'll visit someday, maybe even this year.

We spent last Friday at Explora (our local kids' science museum) and the Natural History Museum. No pix from the history museum, but I do have some from Explora.

First, Andy built a tower with his favorite Kapla blocks

They teamed up to experiment with electricity
Andy spent a lot of time working on this particular puzzle

Dan lining up the nails to balance them from the standing nail

Andy solved this one pretty easily.

Most impressive to me, tho, was when Andy sat down at the puzzle with these 6 blocks and ...

got them all to fit into the box! I've tried this one for years and never figured it out. Andy did it in under 10 minutes, after several tries.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

halloween party

We celebrated Halloween with a party at Susan's house this year. My camera batteries ran out, but I did manage to get several pinata pictures first. Andy didn't hit the pinata this year -- tho he did get some treats from it -- and Dan abandoned his costume as we arrived, so he's not in costume for these pictures.

Dan taking a swing at the eyeball pinata

And again...

Jenny missed the pinata hitting, so these are for her:

Scotty taking a swing at the pinata

Gotta love Eliza's style. Altho she looks like a very colorful samurai here, she was actually an archeopteryx. Here she's without the elaborate head part of her costume.