Monday, August 31, 2009

Austin turns 11

Our friends, Bonnie, Mike, Austin and Miles came into town for Austin's 11th birthday! That's big news not only because we love them all, but because they're now living in suburban Phoenix! Yes, they drove 15 hrs round-trip so that Austin could spend his birthday with his friends. How Cool Is That?!?!

And now we have a lovely way-station in Phoenix for visits with friends. I hear it's a lovely house. Austin is so excited he's tired (his words, not mine). Woo-hoo!

So, I took some pictures and promised Bonnie I'd blog them, so she could steal 'em. (don't worry, I'm sending her copies of her very own - no law-breaking required). Okay, let's see what we got....

The birthday boy -- don't you just love those baby blues?

Gift opening (see that cutie in the lower lefthand corner!)

Austin & Andy (Emma, Miles & Beth in the background)

Billiards -- Susan set the boys up with a game, then gave pointers.

Dads -- Thomas, Mike & Gary (and Beth)

and very important Nerf gun consults

We all had a fabulous day! Thank you, Bonnie & Mike for bringing the party to us!

We'll be down to Phoenix to have fun with you soon -- prolly in February when we're tired of winter here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Outdoor Expo

We were at an outdoor expo this past Saturday. All the usual shooting ranges, fishing demos, etc, and... tomahawks! Both boys gave it a try. Andy even tried the throwing knife. It's much harder than it looks.

Dan's attempt missed the log altogether

Andy hit the target high to the right -- you can just see the shadow at far right.

rock climbing

Last Friday, we attended the zoo's annual Feast With The Beasts and a had a great time hanging out with friends, listening to Strange Brew, and enjoying some beautiful weather. In addition to the magician and fun slides, the city rec dept brought out the rock wall.

I had walked over to that area, spotted the rock wall set-up and called Gary to send the boys over, when I saw a boy in a red shirt with a helmet on. Wait a minute -- that's my boy in a helmet lined up for the rock wall!

Dan & Forest

Sky on the way down

Sky & Forest

Sky & Dan

What goes up must come down

Last week, after Dan's first good dental check up (meaning no follow-up work needed) EVER, we hit a local park, and I got a few pictures.

Dan up a tree...

and back down...
Not his best landing, but Dan really lives by the credo that any landing you can walk away from is a good one.

Andy posed for a pic

Note the short(er) hair -- he got a haircut while in Hawaii. Not sure when he'll agree to that again.

Dan refused to pose, or even sit still, for a pic.

Gail & Brock visit the tribe

Okay this is old news, in that the Higgins' were here before our trip to Hawaii, back in early July, I think. I have two photos from that day to share -- came across them while going thru my vacation photos.

Kelly Lovejoy (flat) and Danielle Conger (flat, also) were there too!

And Scotty in a classic photo for which he posed.