Sunday, August 19, 2007

Respectful Parenting

One of the coolest benefits for our family in this journey is the way we've come to parent. Choosing to live in a radically responsive parenting path has blessed us with such depth of trust, joy and, well, respect.

Today we met with Dan's new soccer coach & team for the first time this new season. The coach and his wife are very nice people -- as were the other parents we met. I was reminded, tho, just how different our life is from most people. It's noticeable to me because we're fortunate to spend almost all of our time with other families like ours -- with our tribe, for whom I am unbelievably grateful, by the way. So, when we spend regular time with mainstream families, seeing them week after week, I see much more than just in the casual encounters at the grocery store and the like.

As I look forward to the next several months spent sharing one weeknight and part of every Saturday with the other team families -- all schooled kids -- I know I'll see more instances of the parenting path we didn't choose. I'll embrace the opportunities to reach out to the children in these families and Dan's teammates and to just be who we are even when everyone else does things differently.

I also agreed to volunteer as an assistant coach -- more adventures in the mainstream world! I'm looking forward to it, actually.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Simpsons Movie

We just saw it today -- and had the best time! It was so funny & clever! Andy laughed like mad -- okay, so we all did. Definitely worth the price. On the way home, we talked about why it was it was a bad for god to *choose* Homer's Dad to speak thru, did that thing really have a thousand eyes, why the carnie set up the *win my truck* scam the way he did. Andy said *it's really sad that Bart didn't know how it felt to get a pat on the back* and I said, "yeah, Homer's never really been the best Dad, but wasn't it cool at the end?" Then, Andy recited for us his vision for the sequel -- a sure sign that he loved this movie enough to want more!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Two best friends

This is why the folks who love both Dan & Scotty have gone to such lengths to have them both at the L&L conference next month!

Andy & Sorscha

This past week, we've had a couple of outings with Crystal & Sorscha. Last week, Andy & I met them at the zoo while Dan had a day at Ironwood Farm. We had a great time. We leisurely saw a few animals, spent time at the playground, Andy played in the water jets for the first time this season -- it was much less busy than it's been since school got out.
On the elaborate marble throne in the Africa exhibit
Yesterday, Andy, Dan & I met Crystal & Sorscha at the Aquarium/Botanic Gardens to catch the Summer Nights concert. We met at 4pm, saw a few things then walked to the nearby McDonalds for a bite and a break. The kids played and had a great time. As we were leaving, Andy asked me if I had his Nintendo DS case. Nope -- I thought he had it. We looked on and under our tables, in both restrooms. No Nintendo case. I was starting to worry - his DS, Pokemon Diamond game, and charger were all in that case. I should have known better. Andy has the best karma on the planet -- probably because he always pays it forward. If Andy finds something, it goes to the lost & found. He once found a $20 bill at a park, and asked every person there if they'd lost a 20. No one said it was theirs! Just amazingly good karma!
So, it really was no surprise when we asked the counter and the girl said, "It was just here under the counter, let me check the office." Of course, she came back with the case, all it's contents intact.
Once we got back to the Gardens, we found a magic show. Andy was called up to be the first assistant!
Andy tied the knots for the magician's version of the 3-rings trick.

Andy & Sorscha (he's gasping, not yawning) watching the magic show.

There was a quick, cooling shower early in the evening -- like what we'd expected on Monday. The music was good, the magic fun, and Gary joined us about halfway thru. Dan was thrilled. All day long, he'd been asking when Dad would join us, an whether we'd come next week if Dad had to miss this one. I'm so glad Gary could make it, since last night was the last magic show of the season.

of monsoons & restrooms

This past Monday, the monsoon finally arrived at our tribe's weekly parkday. Sure, we've all been waiting for it, begging for it, but we didn't really want it like this!
In the middle of a humid afternoon, we heard the thunder. Being Albuquerque desert dwellers we figured it would be a passing shower, just enough to cool everything off. We gather under a couple of big trees that usually would make enough cover for a passing shower. Crystal, Sorscha & Andy were smart -- they headed right out to Crystal's mini-van for shelter. Jenny was somewhere else nearer the building, tho Eliza was still with us. The rest of us thought we'd just wait it out while the kids played. In Albuquerque, we know better than expect that our kids will come in out of the rain!
There we were -- four Moms and several kids. Moms hiding under the tree, some kids hiding under a picnic table, some running in the rain. The first several minutes were okay -- cool steady rain. We were still sure it would pass. Then it started raining horizontally, and hard. Beth suggested it might be time to head for the only place with a roof, the restrooms. As we ran to the restrooms - across a long stretch of grass thru what felt like hail -- the rain got stronger. So, there we were -- five Moms & eight kids crammed into the bathroom. I had left my bag -- with the camera and a nintendo DS inside -- and two books in the tunnel slide, hoping for shelter from from the rain. I'd done this when I expected a quick shower. During a quick break in the rain (not stopped, just lighter) I ran and got my stuff. The bag was soaked, the books a bit soggy, but the camera and DS were dry!

Now I could take a few pictures. I didn't get anything with everyone in the bathroom, but here are a few pics:

Dan, soaked in the rain, Scotty climbing the wall - literally!

The hand dryer was popular to warm up between trips out into the rain

A picture of Beth & Scotty that was just too beautiful not to post!