Sunday, August 19, 2007

Respectful Parenting

One of the coolest benefits for our family in this journey is the way we've come to parent. Choosing to live in a radically responsive parenting path has blessed us with such depth of trust, joy and, well, respect.

Today we met with Dan's new soccer coach & team for the first time this new season. The coach and his wife are very nice people -- as were the other parents we met. I was reminded, tho, just how different our life is from most people. It's noticeable to me because we're fortunate to spend almost all of our time with other families like ours -- with our tribe, for whom I am unbelievably grateful, by the way. So, when we spend regular time with mainstream families, seeing them week after week, I see much more than just in the casual encounters at the grocery store and the like.

As I look forward to the next several months spent sharing one weeknight and part of every Saturday with the other team families -- all schooled kids -- I know I'll see more instances of the parenting path we didn't choose. I'll embrace the opportunities to reach out to the children in these families and Dan's teammates and to just be who we are even when everyone else does things differently.

I also agreed to volunteer as an assistant coach -- more adventures in the mainstream world! I'm looking forward to it, actually.

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