Friday, August 03, 2007

of monsoons & restrooms

This past Monday, the monsoon finally arrived at our tribe's weekly parkday. Sure, we've all been waiting for it, begging for it, but we didn't really want it like this!
In the middle of a humid afternoon, we heard the thunder. Being Albuquerque desert dwellers we figured it would be a passing shower, just enough to cool everything off. We gather under a couple of big trees that usually would make enough cover for a passing shower. Crystal, Sorscha & Andy were smart -- they headed right out to Crystal's mini-van for shelter. Jenny was somewhere else nearer the building, tho Eliza was still with us. The rest of us thought we'd just wait it out while the kids played. In Albuquerque, we know better than expect that our kids will come in out of the rain!
There we were -- four Moms and several kids. Moms hiding under the tree, some kids hiding under a picnic table, some running in the rain. The first several minutes were okay -- cool steady rain. We were still sure it would pass. Then it started raining horizontally, and hard. Beth suggested it might be time to head for the only place with a roof, the restrooms. As we ran to the restrooms - across a long stretch of grass thru what felt like hail -- the rain got stronger. So, there we were -- five Moms & eight kids crammed into the bathroom. I had left my bag -- with the camera and a nintendo DS inside -- and two books in the tunnel slide, hoping for shelter from from the rain. I'd done this when I expected a quick shower. During a quick break in the rain (not stopped, just lighter) I ran and got my stuff. The bag was soaked, the books a bit soggy, but the camera and DS were dry!

Now I could take a few pictures. I didn't get anything with everyone in the bathroom, but here are a few pics:

Dan, soaked in the rain, Scotty climbing the wall - literally!

The hand dryer was popular to warm up between trips out into the rain

A picture of Beth & Scotty that was just too beautiful not to post!

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~Crystal~DaikiniCrossroads said...

That was so funny when I walked in all ya'll huddled in there.