Friday, August 03, 2007

Andy & Sorscha

This past week, we've had a couple of outings with Crystal & Sorscha. Last week, Andy & I met them at the zoo while Dan had a day at Ironwood Farm. We had a great time. We leisurely saw a few animals, spent time at the playground, Andy played in the water jets for the first time this season -- it was much less busy than it's been since school got out.
On the elaborate marble throne in the Africa exhibit
Yesterday, Andy, Dan & I met Crystal & Sorscha at the Aquarium/Botanic Gardens to catch the Summer Nights concert. We met at 4pm, saw a few things then walked to the nearby McDonalds for a bite and a break. The kids played and had a great time. As we were leaving, Andy asked me if I had his Nintendo DS case. Nope -- I thought he had it. We looked on and under our tables, in both restrooms. No Nintendo case. I was starting to worry - his DS, Pokemon Diamond game, and charger were all in that case. I should have known better. Andy has the best karma on the planet -- probably because he always pays it forward. If Andy finds something, it goes to the lost & found. He once found a $20 bill at a park, and asked every person there if they'd lost a 20. No one said it was theirs! Just amazingly good karma!
So, it really was no surprise when we asked the counter and the girl said, "It was just here under the counter, let me check the office." Of course, she came back with the case, all it's contents intact.
Once we got back to the Gardens, we found a magic show. Andy was called up to be the first assistant!
Andy tied the knots for the magician's version of the 3-rings trick.

Andy & Sorscha (he's gasping, not yawning) watching the magic show.

There was a quick, cooling shower early in the evening -- like what we'd expected on Monday. The music was good, the magic fun, and Gary joined us about halfway thru. Dan was thrilled. All day long, he'd been asking when Dad would join us, an whether we'd come next week if Dad had to miss this one. I'm so glad Gary could make it, since last night was the last magic show of the season.

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~Crystal~DaikiniCrossroads said...

Those were two great days. I enjoy when I get one-on-one with one of my tribal mamas.