Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dan's on his way!

We woke up at 3 am, and were at the airport by 4:45 for his 6 am flight with Kevin to Live & Learn 07. Here's Dan at check in, wearing his backpack and hauling his own suitcase.

They'll be in South Carolina before Andy & I get to the park for tribal time this afternoon. I'm expecting phone calls from Dallas and Greenville just to let me know they've made it. I am so not an airline traveler, so altho I know (rationally) that he's safe in the air, I'll be happiest when he has his feet on the ground!


Madeline said...

I got to meet your son at the soccer game that my guys hosted. He was great. Hours later I saw that he still had his soccer stuff on as he didn't want to take it off. Quite the soccer jock! I know you must be so excited to have him back. Jenny and Chris took great care of him, as I'm sure you knew they would.

Jessica said...

Hey Sylvia~
Dan was such a joy to watch zooming all over the BRC. I was so happy that he (and a part of you) was there!
Love, Jessica

AnneO said...

Sylvia ~ It was SO great to see Dan and the Joy he was having at the conference. He ROCKS!

Sylvia said...

He had an amazing time at L&L! He especially enjoyed his time with Emma, fishing with Chris, zooming down the hill on his heelies, and swimming in the creek.

I'm just so grateful for our friends who made it possible for Dan to go to L&L.