Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pictures Again!

I don't know how it happened, but my camera is resurrected. Last month, the camera stopped, and I swapped to a new battery (at least, I thought it was new) but the camera was still dead. I put the camera, along with two (presumably new) batteries, in the glove box and began camping on ebay for a new camera. Didn't win any bids in my price range, so I've been without pictures for about a month. Thursday, on a whim, I put in a new battery and the camera came to life! I don't know whether it was that I had grabbed a dead battery or that a new battery was defective, but we have pictures again.

These were taken before the camera battery died, on a tribe park day.

Trying to help Sorscha down from the tree

Andy showing off his strength with Judson on his shoulders -- Judson is 5" taller than Andy, tho somewhat lighter.
Andy watching Sorscha & Spencer in the tree -- don't know where he found the Readers Digest

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