Thursday, April 24, 2008

a crazy busy week

Well, a crazy busy couple of days around here. On Tuesday, we had Scotty & Eliza over all afternoon while Jenny took a friend to her first chemo treatment, then Scotty overnighted. Yesterday, as soon as Jenny picked up Scotty, I headed out to pick up Emma for an afternoon out of the house. Dan & I hit three parks with Gwen, Megan, Zoe & Emma along for the fun. Dan was very gracious (and at times long-suffering) to spend his afternoon in girl-land, and we all had fun. He got a chance to improve his skateboard skills, and the girls each tried out the skateboard, too.

Andy, meanwhile, saw the latest Jackie Chan movie, Forbidden Kingdom, with Susan & Spencer. Gary spent his day at home waiting for Dennis to show up with a load of extra furniture they won't need as they move to Portland in just over a week.

Today's trip to Trader Joe's, Hobby Lobby, and the T-Mobile store (to replace Andy's phone that was stolen in January) seemed restful by comparison!

At one point we were talking about shopping for books at the thrift store. I mentioned that I'd rather buy them there where I can get 8 books for $4 than pay $8 for each book. In less than a minute, Dan said, "That's 50 cents a book -- I did the math!" In his head, no less. Division. At 7 years old. I've never sat down and shown him how to divide, tho we've talked about what division is and I've shared how I do math in my head as I go along. It's not likely he'd recognize the symbols or problems on paper, but he clearly gets the concept.

Tomorrow should be quieter, and I hope to get my herbs planted, buy and plant several more strawberry plants and some banana pepper plants. It's taken me forever to get my garden started this year! And our peach tree has little tiny, fuzzy, pea-sized peaches on it! Dan is so excited -- me, too! The rosebush out front is full of buds, the iris patch is filled with beautiful dark purple blooms, and I think it's safe to say the last freeze has passed.

Saturday we'll be hosting Ian for the day while Sue & Bruce finish up their last day of 'parent training' as part of the adoption process, in the hopes they can add to their family. Ian would very much like to have a brother/sister (or two or three, even).

I heard from an old friend I haven't talked to in ages -- Hi Sage & Todd and Paul!

Still no camera, so no pictures, tho we hope to pick up one when we get our extra tax rebate in June. I'm sure once I have a camera, I'll go crazy posting updated pix for everyone to see.

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