Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another great birthday party -- with pix!

Last Friday Dan's best friend, Scotty, turned 8. Scotty's Dad, Chris, turned 38 the same day. Happy Birthday guys!

We spent Sunday afternoon at another great party at Ironwood Farm to celebrate. The steam engine was fired up and used to lower the kids into the 'mine shaft' (about 8' deep) and raise them to the frame (about 12' up) in a miner's bucket. Very cool and lots of fun for the kids. Everyone had a turn, and Gary even helped out on the bell during Andy's turn.

That's Chris firing up the engine.

Dan in the miner's bucket. He shared the ride with Scotty.
From this angle, tho, all you can see of Scotty is the 'extra hand' below Dan's arm.

Andy being raised in the miner's bucket, with Gary in the background.
It took me forever to get these pix up, since the process from Andy's cell phone was hard for me to figure out. Now that I have that all figured out -- if I can remember how I did it -- I'll get more pix up. Still eager to replace the digital camera, tho.

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