Friday, July 04, 2008

Down on the farm

Finally, pictures again! After what seemed like forever!

This past month, we've spent a lot of time at Ironwood Farm helping out and hanging out. I first saw Ironwood Farms a little over three years ago, when the straw bale home Chris & Jenny built was near completion. I'm amazed at how much has changed in that time!

These pictures were taken the past two weekends.

Andy & Jenny with the two little piggies. They are the sweetest little pigs, and follow Jenny around like little puppies. Their names are Aelita and Yumi (from Code Lyoko). The kids named them.

Will and Chris out in the corn field. It was very hot yesterday (95) and they were irrigating which only added to the monsoon humidity around here. The guys worked very hard, hoeing and preparing the corn for watering. I don't know what was happening in this shot, but I liked the way their stances contrast. I think by this time, there was already water on the field, which makes walking interesting.

Irrigation at Ironwood Farm, like virtually all farms and some homes along the Rio Grande is done by opening gates that let river water flow into ditches run thru and around the farms (an acequia) which floods the fields. Growing up in New Mexico I thought that was how all farmers watered, until I moved to places where rainfall exceeds 2-5" a year!

Andy is helping Will & Jenny move an A-frame chicken tractor (housing for the chickens). One of several built by Chris, they're moved daily, allowing both chickens and grass to have fresh food daily.

I included this shot to show Jenny over at the other end of the show.

I know I had some pictures of kids chasing chickens -- a regular activity at Ironwood Farm -- I printed them, but can't find them now on the computer.

Even with the heat and hard work, we all love our time at the farm. Dan's best friend Scotty lives there of course, and we all love the whole feel of the farm.

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