Sunday, October 19, 2008

the Balloon Fiesta

We went to the morning launch at the Balloon Fiesta on Weds this year. In years past, we've always gone to the evening activities, usually the special shapes glowdeos. A week or two before Fiesta, Dan said to me "Mom, did you know there's another whole balloon fiesta in the morning?" I explained that it's the same fiesta, but I prefer to go evenings, not at 6 am when it's freezing cold. He insisted he really had to see a morning ascent. Locals (and the Fiesta planners) call it a "mass ascension" here which makes Gary cringe (he understands NM is a very Catholic state, but really there was only one 'ascension') so I make a point of saying 'ascent' now. Anyway, we went to watch the balloons take off.

It was really a lovely morning. Not as cold as I remembered from my time at Fiestas in years past. And, in a week of changing weather, it was one of the best launches in this year's Fiesta. I took lots of pictures, so I'll post several of our favorites.

As we walked in from the parking area, we saw these balloons. The mostly yellow, brightly colored ones are from a local balloon outfit called Rainbow Ryders, who sell rides up and down the Rio Grande, which means most of them fly over our house. We see several balloons a week from September to May. Just one of the many joys of life in Albuquerque.

The first wave of balloons take to the sky.
A pink house, tho not the one from John Mellencamp's song, I think. It looks a little off balance, don't you think?
We watched this balloon being inflated and launched. It reminded us of JayJay the Jetplane which Dan watched for a time when he was very little.
I like this one with the flames.

Airabelle the Cow is at every Fiesta.

This pig inflated next to us as we watched the jetplane fill up.

Dan insisted I get a shot of this castle balloon in flight. That has got to be a hard balloon to fly -- nothing aerodynamic about a flying castle.

My personal favorite -- I love the colors on this one!

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Gwen said...

The castle is awesome!

We are missing the balloons. It is a special kind of magic to see them.