Sunday, February 08, 2009

Long Time, No Pix

Wow, I haven't blogged in what feels like forever. No pix today, tho. Our computer died on Christmas Eve. Ominous sounds and the 'black screen' make us think crashed hard drive. Took it to the repair shop last month. A week later, I get a call.... they're going out of business! We got a refund and our computer back. We'd really like to retrieve the data on our old puter -- if only to save all our jpegs, so we're still considering repair, and wondering just how deep the discounts are at Circuit City...

In between, we have use of a laptop loaned to us by Crystal and she has pix so be sure to check our her blog.

We've been busy and happy in the past several weeks since my last blog. Christmas, New Year's, Dan's 8th birthday -- and Gary was able to be with us for them all! Yes, he's still working the on the road gig, but the schedule and weather have been good this time around.

The weather has been fabulous overall, so we've had trips to the park, the Botanic Gardens and aquarium, seen several movies and just a few days ago picked up Rock Band for our PS-2. We are all having such a ball playing Rock Band!

I do have lots of photos in my camera -- trapped there with no way to download since I don't have my software on the laptop -- and soon we'll either resurrect or abandon our old puter and then I'll have lotsa pix to share.

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