Sunday, February 07, 2010

The time machine

A couple of weeks, Dan had his buddy Scotty over for the night. Dan and Scotty go back years -- Scotty was the only guest at Dan's 4th birthday; Dan was the only guest at Scotty's 5th party a few months later. In many ways Dan & Scotty are opposites -- together they are a truly inspired team.

On this night they built a time machine. I don't know if they really traveled back in time (or maybe forward), then again I doubt we'd know if they'd actually changed time, would we?

I don't know the full design of the time machine, but I do know it required the combination of parts from a humidifier, a big plastic pretzel jar, the remote control from a toy car, a big cardboard box, cf light bulb, and I'm sure more small details I've missed.

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