Monday, April 09, 2007

A busy weekend

We've been busy around here -- park days on Mondays, a day at the zoo, Home Depot workshop, and soccer, all with pictures.
Dan poses for a picture -- a rare event -- while at Home Depot
Andy with an almost finished product -- a roller coaster car. They gave us a bonus kit for a race car, so the boys finished those up, too before we left to go back out into the SNOW -- yes, we here in the desert had snow on Easter weekend. And rain today.

Dan & Gary working on the roller coaster car. It was Dan who reminded us to try Home Depot workshops last month. We were in the Depot the first Saturday in Feb, and realized we'd just missed the workshop when we saw the sign. After that, he's not about to miss another one.

Andy hammering in the pegs for a wheel on his cart.

At the zoo, this past Thursday -- we had beautiful weather -- Dan & I were using my hat as a frisbee, until Andy snagged it and put it over his face, so Dan had to wrestle it back.

I'll admit I have no idea what they were doing here, but it was too cute to pass up!

Last Sunday, we made the long trip to a favorite park in Rio Rancho, where the playground has these spinning stands with a spinning handle above -- a real workout.

Dan can't reach the top part yet, so he just spins wildly until he falls/flies off the disc.
Today we're not at the park, because it's cold and raining. Much as I long for a whole 10-day stretch of 75 degree days, the rain is good. No need to water the garden and a chance to catch up on the blog.

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