Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yesterday, we went bowling with friends. We all had a great time. Andy bowled two strikes his first game, Dan bowled a few spares in each game. Scores weren't high and bumpers were used, but it's all about the fun of bowling not about who wins. Every good frame for anyone is celebrated by everyone.

Dan, after a spare
Andy after a strike

Another strike for Andy, with more high-5's. By midway thru the first game, Sorscha was giving out hugs for any occasion that merited high-5's from the boys. Sorry no pictures of any hugs, tho.

It was so nice to have the bowling virtually to ourselves on a Friday afternoon -- the price is good then, and with kids back in school all our usual haunts are ours again!

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Melissa said...

LOL Sylvia. School starts back Thursday here....and things are quieting down early and parents work on their kids going to bed 'at a decent hour' and whatever else they do. We're thankful and trying the science museum today. Perhaps I'll even blog it ;-) altho i still haven't finished our six flags pics!