Saturday, August 09, 2008

Jemez Falls

A few days ago, we spent a lovely afternoon in nearby Jemez Springs. The trip was planned for tie-dyeing with a visiting family from California. We had a blast tie-dyeing and just hanging out with everyone. I'll post about the tie-dyeing when I have pics of the t-shirts.

On the drive home, we stopped off to see Jemez Falls. We knew it would be about a 3/4 mile hike each way, described by our tie-dye hostess as "down is down and up is up". Yes, up was very up and it was the return part of the hike! We had a great time, tho, and I even managed a few pictures -- gave me an excuse to stop and catch my breath.

This is what Jemez Falls looks like from the fenced lookout point.

The boys insisted on hiking down to the river, where we saw this small waterfall.

This view is from the top of the falls. The boys found it very cool that we got to stand at the top of the falls. The water was beyond cool, by the way -- to get these pictures, I stood in the water.

Gary & Dan along the trail, returning to the parking lot

Andy, as we began our hike. He insisted on climbing to a high vantage point so we could choose the right trail. Because altho it's a National Forest park site, the trails (and there are many of them) are completely unmarked, and the 'map' at the parking area is quite vague.

We had a great time -- the day was beautiful, the company great, the falls spectacular. We really needed -- and enjoyed a road trip.

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Schuyler said...

I can remember the first time I went to Jemez Hot Springs was with two other graduate students at UNM. One a mountain climber in a previous stage of development and the other a mountain, I swear. I plodded along as they leapt and soared over and up to the hot springs. It was magnificent when we got there, but the getting there, all I felt was my own sense of clumsiness.