Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall comes to New Mexico

This past Saturday, we went for a hike along the river, in the bosque, with friends. It was a perfect day -- one of those early fall days, still warm but not hot, trees turning amazing colors everywhere you look, so quiet walking along the river.

My view for most of the walk.

We saw a this little guy early in our walk -- he was crossing the path when all our attention sent him scurrying for the rocks.

Seems kinda late for him to still be out, but it's been unusually warm the past week. That all ends today, tho -- today will be 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, rain tomorrow and then the 60's for the next several days. Looks like fall really is here.

Some red sumac climbing a cottonwood.

Two pairs of ducks in the irrigation channel.

Andy & Judson released a fallen branch to the river.

Lia -- absolutely the world's MOST devoted dog. Ever.

I love the look of this tree -- and the guy standing under it!

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