Tuesday, October 20, 2009

harvest party with the tribe

The unschooling tribe had our annual Halloween/harvest party this week. We had a fabulous day -- perfect weather, way too many snacks, and some games, too. Lotsa photos, of course! Lucky for us, Ginger and her sons were visiting Beth & Emma, so we had extra folks for more fun!

Kids eating donuts hanging by string. Andy was the pro at this -- donuts are the perfect motivation for him -- done so fast I didn't even get his picture!

Ginger & Beth

Andy (hands to his forehead) and Kai (Ginger's older son)

Emma, ready to bob for appples

Dan got the apple!

Dan actually stood still for this shot!

Toilet paper mummy-wrapping was a hit. Andy & Kade won easily!

Andy's all done with Kade (Ginger's younger son)

Dan finished Emma's wrapping!

Dan, Spencer, Parker, Emma, Kade, Andy (sitting, obscured), Kai & Beth just before the apple bobbing started.

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