Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Four Corners

In early September, we took a trip to Four Corners. Okay, so not a glamorous trip, but a cool place Dan really wanted to see. Long drive up and back, but we had a wonderful time, with a lot of rambling conversations, the connections impossible to trace back.

When I pulled the camera out, the batteries were almost dead, which for some reason means the camera takes pink pictures! I tweaked the pix as best I could, deleted those that were entirely pink and here's what was left.

Gary, Andy & Dan. Andy is now taller than Gary (just in the past month or so)! When did they get so big?

Andy standing at the exact point (tho we later learned it may be off by either a small bit or a lot, who depending on which survey methods one credits) where the four states meet.

Standing wasn't comical enough for Gary, and the boys insisted I get a picture of Dad being silly. Really, an amazing number of people there take odd poses -- like crabs, or sitting with feet and hand each in a different state.

Andy brought his yo-yo of course, and walked around the site, pausing to do a trick, Around the World (I think) in each of the four states.

Again, when did Andy get so tall? I ask myself that question every time I look UP at my sweet Andy.

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