Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wow! it's been too long!

A recent online discussion reminded me it's been ages since I updated the family blog. It's been a busy summer and fall, and and too long since I posted any photos of the boys or what we've been up to.

So here goes....

We attended an Isotopes game after the boys won free tickets at a city parks event. Andy insisted on sitting with Homer for a picture.

Over the years, we've spent lots of time at Ironwood Farms, helping out and just hanging out with friends. Just this summer, Andy is pitching in for pay. He really enjoys both the chance to make some money and the physical work of helping Chris. Andy & Chris were moving fence posts this afternoon back in August.

Dan, Scotty & Eliza spend hours driving Scotty's rider mower around the farm. They also use it to deliver bales of hay to the livestock. Dan really enjoys his time on the rider mower.

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