Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Monopoly and math...

.... and air drums.

Yesterday, we set up the monopoly game and had a great time playing. Andy became very adept at counting his own change after buying property; the boys traded several properties and negotiated fair prices for them.

We would play a while, then break for a snack or to scale the doorways (in Dan's case). At one point, Dan shouted, "I did math for the first time. See, this die is 4 and that one is 2 -- I did the math. It's 6!" Of course, he's counted things before (even groups of things) but this is the first time he's thought of it as adding.

As we played, we created a radio station for the boys at Andy played the drums along with songs he liked and shouted suggestions for other bands and songs to add to his playlist.

The game went on for some 3 or 4 hours. Everyone had his/her own set of dice. I suspect that, with all the interruptions, we often lost track of whose turn it really was. It lasted much longer than any Monopoly game I remember from childhood, and more fun than repeatedly losing to my brother, who in the 70's was the undefeated Monopoly king.

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