Wednesday, August 30, 2006

RC Cars!

On Friday, the boys discovered the RC cars I'd picked up at Costco last week. With the Live & Learn conference happening here in a week, both boys wanted to do the RC Cars funshop, but only Dan had a RC car (a very loud truck). Gary has one, but it runs on a battery that dies after only 20 minutes or so. The two I got came as a set, and can 'drift.'

The boys were thrilled and thankfully, each chose a different car. The looks of delight and surprise on their faces were well worth the price of cars and batteries. Andy said, "But Mom, if you give them to us only on the day of the conference, we won't have any time to practice."

So, off to the park we went, to use the handball courts at Los Ranchos. They had a ball, and were very good at driving the cars in no time at all. After picking Gary up at work, it was off to another park for car time at the basketball court. The cars are now with us everywhere we go -- never know when you'll get a chance to race them on any flat surface!

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