Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Riding the Rails

We got back to the platform to find quite a crowd, all waiting to ride the Rail Runner to Bernalillo and back. Okay, saying that probably gives the impression there's not all that much to do for excitement in Albuquerque, that locals line up to ride the fancy new commuter train for fun, but I really was surprised how many folks were doing just that.

On the platform, Andy immediately made a friend. Sean is 7-1/2 and he's in town from California to visit his grandparents. The boys had a great time riding both directions and hanging out with Sean. The boys all wanted to get out at Bernalillo, but I explained that the next train doesn't leave Bernalillo for another 4 hours, and there's just not enough in Bernalillo to keep anyone busy for that long!

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