Sunday, October 15, 2006

Balloon Glow

We had a wonderful time at the special shapes glowdeo on Friday night. After some browsing in gift shops and watching a street magic show, we settled in near this balloon, called Sunny Boy.

During a glowdeo, no balloons launch. They inflate, stay on the ground and fire the burners to show off their colors and shapes. It was perfect weather for a glowdeo -- just a bit cool, bright blue sky into dusk, no breeze, and we had an amazing time together. It was a wonderful end to a day spent thinking of my beloved, much-missed Aunt Susie -- full of happy kids and indulgences! (two of her favorite things)

The best part of a balloon glow is that it doesn't happen in the very early, very cold, very dark mornings like the mass ascensions. When I was a kid here in Albuquerque, balloon week always meant getting up at 4 am and heading out to volunteer on chase crews. Much as I love balloons and mornings, I just don't like to be cold! In recent years, they've added the evening events, making it much more enjoyable for us to get out and see the balloons.

Some daytime pictures taken by Gary.....

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