Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I've mentioned our oldest son, Will, on here a few times, but hadn't posted any pix, thinking I didn't have any recent ones on the computer.

I came across this one yesterday and wanted to post it here. Will lives across the river in town where he has bus access and can walk to work, in his own apartment. At 21 (and a half - he reminded me last week when I saw him) he's doing things I never did. He lives on his own, happily! I often joke 'no one's pregnant or in jail, so it's all good' when it's really so much more than that. He visits us every so often, spends the day, plays chess with Andy (who loves the time with Will) and just hangs out with Dan. The boys really enjoy having Will come by, and it's obvious he enjoys them too. Given how much older he is, it's so nice to see them enjoying each other.

At 21 (and a half), I was pregnant with Will, recently married (not a good marriage) and my life was, quite honestly, a mess. Then Will came along, and someone had to grow up and the parent. Turned out that someone was me. Will's presence in my life has brought such grace and wonder. It's not all been sweetness and light, but even the tough days were good ones because they all led us to where we are. Along the path of being his Mom, I found myself. He led us into homeschooling, and from that shift came wonderful blessing and joy.

Just thinking about my firstborn, how very much I love him, and how far we've both come in the last 21+ yrs.

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