Sunday, October 15, 2006

Two fans: $10... two grab bags: $4....

Enchanted children: Priceless

Early in our evening at the balloon glow, we did a little souvenir shopping. After browsing our way thru shops selling yarn marionettes, wind chimes, wood roses, and all manner of kitschy things, we ended up with two grab-bags, filled with candy (we later determined the candy had gotten wet sometime along its life) and two small fans with lights on the blades. Easily the best $14 we ever spent -- especially when you consider that the parking and balloon park admission were given to us by my Dad. Thanks, Grandpa Zayde!

Andy with his light-up fan. I think the boys were 'shaving' with their fans.

Dan, being hypnotized by his fan.

Dan, on the left, and Andy enjoying their fans.
Andy self-hypnotizing with his fan.

All that and fireworks, too!

It really was an amazing night for us all.

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