Sunday, May 13, 2007

We're separate, not together.....

just do me!

We had our second Mom's Night Out last night. No pictures, tho, the two I took were bad -- too dark outside. Maybe I'll steal one from Crystal or Beth after they post.

Why this title? It's a quotation from Crystal. After half an hour in the hot tub, with wine, cheese & crackers and sushi, we had dinner at the Flying Star. Lots of conversation I won't even think about sharing here (a tribal code of silence thing) and great stories were shared. When it was time for some dessert a few of us went back in to order some treats. Crystal had decided what she wanted; I was still considering. The counter guy asked if he could help her, and she said "we're separate, not together -- just do me!" I couldn't resist! I told her that was my blog title for last night. I mean, how often do you hear such a great line?

We had so much fun... and wine.... and conversation. Jenny, Stacy & I ended up back at Beth's house, where we lounged on the patio and drank wine (with quick refills supplied by Kevin!) until sometime after midnight!

Just another amazing Moms' Night Out -- so what are we up for next month?

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DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

AHHHH, was a wonderful night. I just finished Oregon and am gonna go ahead and do MNO and link ya. Ahhh, heck...I'll just copy your darn post. Your a better writer than (or is it then? No, it's than because it's comparing...right?) me. GRIN.