Saturday, May 05, 2007

treasure hunting

We met Susan & Spencer, and Crystal & Sorscha at the zoo a few days ago. The playground was pretty busy, and we'd been there a while when Dan came to tell me he needed a stick, because he wanted to get to the money under the playset. Dan is a big treasure hunter, and will stop for every coin he sees on the ground.

I helped him look for a stick, but none we found met his approval. I asked to see this money and what he wanted to do, hoping that would help me understand what kind of stick he needed. We got around the corner of the playset to find Spencer & Sorscha had started digging to tunnel under the playset to reach the money that had fallen from above. As we approached, Spencer said to Dan, "you can fit thru this hole and get the money for us." Dan replied, "I'm not sharing my money with anyone!" He found a suitable stick and started digging his own tunnel. I went and sat back down with Susan & Crystal.

Several minutes later he ran over, waving two dollars he'd found! He'd gotten there first, while Sorscha & Spencer were still digging, with hopes of getting the change they could still see there.
Of course, it helps that Dan is tiny!

After Dan found money, Susan was enlisted to help Spencer & Sorscha dig a hole that would get them some money. Spencer found more in change than Dan had found in bills!

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