Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Andy's 11th birthday

How is it possible that Andy is 11? I remember him as a newborn -- then we called him Andrew (and I swore I always would). That was before it was obvious that he's Andy. He's not the quiet child I always pictured an Andrew would be. He's large as life, outgoing, passionate -- entirely his own person.

For his birthday, the grandparents treated him to a new pair of rollerblades and helmet. He's been on his new blades just about every day since we got them, about two weeks ago, and having a great time!
We had his party at Peter Piper's Pizza, with a few close friends this past Friday. Here he's with Sorscha, showing off the Pokemon cards he received from Spencer.

Opening the gift card from Judson. Sorsha's gift was also a gift card from Target. He combined the two cards -- with a few dollars from Will -- and bought a remote controlled plane, which he really enjoys flying.
Late in the party, each boy claimed an external window seat. My guess is that was the only shade they could find on the sunny, 90 degree weather we had last Friday.
Watching Spongebob on the TV screens


DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

Hey, I have a bunch of pictures that I just need to upload. Take what you want...hmmm, in about two weeks...GRIN.

DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

Okay...sooo way over two weeks...but finally they are up.