Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fun with straws!

Crystal brought a bunch of colorful bendy straws to the park this week. I think to go with the ice cream cups she also brought. By the end of the day, she still had almost a dozen ice cream cups left -- who says kids with food choices will eat all the junk they can find? The straws, however, were a big hit.

Dan made a very long straw, which he and Scotty took turns with. They're both sporting new haircuts. Okay, so Dan's was just a small trim, altho a hair color change looms on the horizon.

Here's Scotty trying the straw and Dan busting me for getting Scotty's picture!

Dan's straw creation in its non-use setting.Eliza managed to stuff 9 straws in her powerade bottle. One was below the surface, so you could really only drink from 8 at the same time.
Here's Scotty demonstrating that it is possible to drink from all 8 of the straws.On the playset. I'm not sure what they're doing with the straw -- maybe a sand conduit?

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