Wednesday, June 13, 2007

still life

Of course, most of these shots aren't still at all, but taken over the past few weeks of our busy days.
The day we got Andy's new rollerblades, the wind was blowing at about 40mph, with gusts to 60mph. Still, we had to go to the park to try out the new blades. It's even more windy at that particular park than anywhere else on the planet most days. The boys found a discarded grocery bag, and used it as a sail. Before that, they'd found that if they stood on blades with the wind to their backs, that alone would move them a little. The bag-sail, tho, made a much better windcraft!
Dan, looking so cute during one of his visits to the table between skate laps.

Andy showing off his new blades. They were a birthday gift from Grandpa & Grandma, and he just loves his new skates!

We've been meeting Susan & Spencer for the Home Depot monthly kids workshop the past few months. This time, the project was a bi-plane -- more complicated than the past couple of projects, I think. Here Susan is helping Spencer with his plane.

At the zoo last week, the kids spotted a choke-collar chain wrapped around a tree branch. After trying to jump to it themselves, they found a chair and drafted Crystal to reach for it. She couldn't quite reach it either, so they were left to figure it out themselves. I don't know how they did it, but ultimately they got that choke chain down, and Sorscha claimed it. Spencer did make off with a cocoon that day, and took it home to watch it open.

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