Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bionicle Master Creator

Andy spends a good bit of time creating with his Bionicles many days. I always mean to snap more photos than I actually get.

Here are a few --

The Ultimate Boxer created using pieces from Kirox and a few others. The feet are from Gorast. Other parts he doesn't remember the origin.

This one began as an Axalara Andy received for Christmas.
Over time, it's grown to be quite elaborate -- and big!
It's certainly his prize creation.

A side view of the Bionicles and Legos currently on display
on Andy's dresser

As I head off to bed now, Andy is working on his latest Bionicle creation. No clear vision yet, but he does have a base from which to build. He's sifting thru the massive collection of parts kept on the floor for inspiration. No photo of the new one in the works, tho, since he's not sure where it's going just yet.

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