Wednesday, February 28, 2007

NM Mining Museum

Last week, we went to Grants for a tour of the NM Mining Museum, with Crystal & Sorscha. We enjoyed the museum -- and the nearby park with arroyo and small waterfall while waiting for the museum to open. Crystal had called ahead to confirm it would be open, but no one mentioned the 'employee meeting' going until 1:30 pm.

It's not a big museum -- the receptionist answers the phone with 'Grants NM Chamber of Commerce and Mining Museum' -- and when the 'tour' is led by kids moving at varying speeds -- from slow and contemplative to warp speed -- it's nothing like a tour in the traditional sense. It's lots more fun!

They raced thru most of the underground exhibit, with joyous faces the whole time! We saw the mine shafts, cars and tracks, the lunchroom, a mechanics' toolroom -- all stocked with more cool stuff than I can remember.


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