Thursday, February 08, 2007

Rock Climbing

The local tribe has gone rock climbing at a local gym twice recently. We all had a blast -- the kids climb and we Moms belay for them.

Dan & Sorscha starting a climb together
Andy & Sorscha climbing with Dan getting a late start. Andy climbed without a harness that time, so he stopped at the safe limit marked by red handprints.
Andy climbing with the harness. He enjoys climbing higher, but finds the harness isn't really comfortable -- I have to agree with him! He does most of his climbing without a harness, staying below the safety markers.

Sorscha climbing -- she reached the top of that wall.

Here's Sorscha almost at the top -- best shot I got, Crystal, so help yourself!

Dan climbing the boulder, with some help from Crystal

Spencer on the rock wall -- his first time with the harness today.

Dan almost at the top of the boulder. He's come so close to reaching the top by this route, but not quite over the edge. He has a path around the back that we can basically lift him to the edge and he pulls up, allowing him to summit the boulder without all the climbing.

Andy trying the same boulder. He almost made it this week. He'll keep trying. Unfortunately, the back route Dan uses won't work because Andy's just too tall for me to lift him.
Since they can climb the boulder without a harness, Andy made several attempts that day. The challenge is finding a trail-- they're marked in different colors of tape -- with the handholds near enough to reach. Another challenge is that as you near the top, there seem to be fewer handholds, requiring more upper body strength. Both boys are determined to climb to the top, and I'm sure they'll make it soon!

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DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

Great shots. Poor Dan, I'm grabbing his butt! These have been great days with the tribe lately. I'm gonna link when I get mine up.