Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Valentine's Snow

Valentine's Day arrived and we woke to more snow! About 4" -- tho the forecast had called for only a dusting in most areas. Where is all this surprise snow coming from? I don't know, but can we send it back? Sure, a little snow is pretty, but I'm getting pretty tired of this now. We are ready for spring.

The news reports were full of warning about icy bridges and bad traffic. Schools were closed. We heard the usual warnings of 'if you don't have to go out, don't.' Well, we were determined to have our party. Susan insisted it would be today, and since she's the hostess, we all showed up. The kids had a great time in the snow. We Moms had a great time, hanging out, playing True Colors (and learned a coupla new things about each other). A wonderful day all around.

Eliza & Emma in the snow -- I think they may be gathering snow for the snow soup.

Judson helping Andy collect snow for his snow project.

Scotty -- looks like he wants to see if he can see his breath.

Eliza running down what became the sledding hill.

Scotty eating snow near the playset

The snow soup. Early in the party, Sorscha announced they were making snow food. Then it became snow soup and they filled up at three bowls of soup.

Andy with his snow duck -- why a snow duck? Because it was the easiest thing to make!

Connor, Scotty & Dan on the trampoline in the snow.

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