Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Outside at the park again!

Finally, we're back to the park for our tribal gatherings. After too many weeks meeting indoors -- at the community center, or the ice rink or rock climbing -- it's great to just be outdoors at the park again! The weather yesterday was absolutely yummy! It was sunny and warm, no wind and everyone had a great time.
Dan & Scotty back on their favorite teeter-totter.
Scotty, hanging from the center -- this one is on a spring, so the riding options are many. More fun than the board-on-a rail ones we had when I was a kid!
This may look like they're fighing for dominance -- some sort of ritual to impress the girls standing nearby -- but it's really how the teeter-totter is launched for side-to-side fun.
At least this year, they're not yet too tall to do this without serious injury -- just lots of sand in your hair.
The girls quickly lost interest in the boys' game with the teeter-totter. Emma and Clare with two little girls from another group of homeschoolers that meets in the same park as we do.
It is just so nice to be outside, in the sun again. Yeah, I know we're all huge winter wimps and I don't care. We're all just so much happier roaming in the park.

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