Saturday, March 03, 2007

Chinese New Year

In my blogging craze today, I came across the pictures I took at Chinese New Year -- two weeks ago -- so I'll post them now.

Crystal called to invite us to meet her family and Susan's at Chinese New Year in midtown. I spotted them in the crowd, all the way across the square -- much too far to call out -- but when I tried to call Crystal on her cel phone, I got voice mail. Because she left her phone in her van while at the celebration!
There were the usual exhibitions of different Chinese martial-arts styles. This one was popular with the kids, because the fighters staged a silly argument and the 'fight' started with one carelessly hitting the other with a fighting stick slung over his shoulder -- very three stooges style.
This is the butterfly dancer who wakes the lions in the spring.
Right before the monk gets drunk and passes out....Allowing the lions to get drunk and pass out. At which time the evil spirit shows up, makes mischief and is finally chased off by the lions.

And finally, it's time to set off the traditional strand of 50,000 black-cat firecrackers -- no Asian New Year's Day is complete without this step! Andy is so excited! He loves the firecracker part of New Year's.
It starts out already too loud for Dan, who covers his ears even before the noise starts.

By the end, it's even too loud for Andy -- and that's saying a lot!

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DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

I still cannot believe that I did not have my cell phone in my pocket and I couldn't find ya'll. Crazy! Who knew there would be so many people???