Sunday, March 04, 2007

fly wheel ramp

Last night, Dan found a FlyWheel he'd forgotten he had. He remembered seeing the launcher in the carport and wanted me to get it for him. He pointed it out to me, but couldn't reach it himself so I got it for him. This kid notices everything, stores the data for later and then trots it out when it serves him. He's always been our finder of lost things.
The FlyWheel is launched using the zipcord and trigger device. It rolls -- really fast and dangerous-looking -- away from the launcher in a pretty uncontrolled manner. I can just see the grin on the face of the crazy guy who invented this toy! His family probably still tells legendary tales of the time he launched the family cat into space.

We used to have a ramp, but it got broken and thrown out. Dan looked around for ideas. He found his skateboard. He asked me to hold it at an angle while he launched the wheel at me, er I mean at the ramp! No, I'm just a bit too smart for that one -- I am not doing an episode of Jackass in my living room. Certainly not starring in it anyway.

He finds the PowerRangers ball, and it's the perfect angle for his ramp. Now he needs something to jump -- after all what good is a ramp if you're not jumping something?Ah, Dad's briefcase. And Dan's toolbox. A real daredevil needs to jump more than one thing, right?

The wheel did jump the ramp and briefcase/toolbox obstacle a time or two. And it ran off course to the far wall a time or two. Another time or several, it missed the ramp by just a bit, ricocheted off the briefcase and Dan had to duck to avoid being hit a time or two.
By this time snapped this shot, the errant wheel had already flown past Dan's head.

Just another example of why our living room always looks wonderfully strewn.

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