Saturday, March 03, 2007

Spring Soccer!

At long last, it's soccer time again. Dan has been asking when soccer starts back up since his birthday. He was so excited all week, knowing he'd play today!We were the first to arrive, and the boys kicked the ball around off-field. Here they're chasing it back towards the field.
Dan with Gary, just as they spotted the coach arriving.

Kicking the ball around before the game.
Gary & Dan watching the game during the first quarter. With five players, three are on the field and two sit out each quarter.
Dan, at his turn for kick-off at the center line. I've not been to a game since their first one in September. That first day, the boys all played so tentatively, and today they were really putting their all into it. Full contact collisions, kids rolling over as they fell, several collisions where it ended up looking like a dogpile.
Players from both teams, chasing the ball which is off-camera.
I've heard it said that in the early years of soccer, it's basically a group of kids clustered together chasing a ball. Apparently in later years they develop a style that doesn't leave them running over each other the whole game.

It really was a beautiful day, amazing blue sky, snow on the mountains and bright sun, but still just more than a little cold -- as they day went on, the wind kicked up, making us really cold. We're still trying to get warm and we've been home almost an hour!

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