Tuesday, March 27, 2007


A rare picture of Dan not in motion. The multi-color hair is the from the color job we did last week. He wanted blue and yellow stripes. I'd told him I didn't think we could get blond in his hair. then only after I'd mixed up the blue (and tested it on my hair -- I have a lovely blue section) he decided we had to run to Walgreens for true-black, so he could have blue & black stripes. By the time we got back from buying the blue-black color, apparently the activator in the one-step blue color had finished up, so the stripes that were supposed to be blue came out yellow, and the black looks kinda midnight blue in the sun.

He ended up with a big blonde streak on top -- split on both sides of his part - and two more blonde patches lower in his hair, and at the nape of his neck.

I was worried when I saw the blue rinse out, but Dan was and is thrilled with the outcome. I see myself buying more hair color in months and years to come. He's recently announced his intention to grow his hair long, so he may end up with a mosaic of colors by the time he's done.

We'll see what he does -- he's not the first of our boys to do some wild hair styles. At four, Will had spikes on top, razor stripes at the temple, and a curly, white blond rattail. He was stylin'! By 10, Will's hair was in a skater cut and starting to curl (happens to all the boys in my family, even
Andy used to have shiny, straight hair). By 15, he was shaving it nearly bald (another hair rite of passage for the boys in my family), then grew it out at 18 into some long, very wild, wavy curls. Now it's shaved again, since he finds the curl too unmanageable for his job as a cook. I miss his hair!

Andy had his hair long -- shoulder-length wet, shorter dry and curly -- but chose a haircut about 6 wks ago. He regretted it the next day, and has been on a mission to grow it back out ever since.

We've done long hair for both the younger boys before, but each chose to cut it when some stranger mistook him for a girl. They've pretty much decided to ignore the people who think they're girls just because their hair is long. What baffles me is they dress very much like boys, and I never assume that long hair = girl.

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