Tuesday, September 12, 2006

conference dance fun

As pointed out by Allison Broadbent, Danielle Conger is one hot mama!

Ben Lovejoy in a sarong, with Danielle Conger, sitting on stage for a break in the action.

Ren & Jenny spot Gary taking their picture

We had a fabulous time at the dinner/dance on Saturday night! Lots of adults and kids up dancing the night away. Ren led dance lines around the room.

Actually there were lots of kids who danced the night away. John Florez, local DJ and Dad, did the honors for music at the dance. The dance floor was full all night, with folks dancing in groups and in couples. We had a great time dancing with the teens -- I even danced with Holly Dodd for a bit! Some stage-diving/mosh pit happened. Have to say it's pretty brave to be willing to catch stage-diving Marty Dodd or Trevor Allen!

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