Tuesday, September 12, 2006

other conference hightlights

Andy got up at the talent show on Friday night and told two jokes: Why did the orange stop rolling halfway down the hill? It ran out of juice! Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? It wanted to get to the bottom!
He had told these jokes to Diana Jenner earlier in the evening, and she insisted he should get up on stage to share them with everyone. We'd made the same suggestion earlier, but he declined. Diana's encouragement was just irresistible. By the time we were heading home that night, he said he'd like to show his juggling. We had to tell him that there was no talent show on Saturday! He regretted he'd missed his chance. Maybe next year, he'll bring along a talent and sign up for the show.

Just a few more pictures of the kids.....

The three little boys spinning are Dan (orange conf t-shirt), Scotty Altenbach (Dan's best friend) and Connor Phelan (yellow shirt) who got along famously (most of the time anyway) and are all local Albuquerque boys. These shots were taken on Friday afternoon, following a rainstorm so they were wet, spinning boys too

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