Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tribal Colors

Today, we had our tribe hair-coloring party. Thank you thank you Crystal for your expertise -- the colors and cuts are great! I don't even want to think about what Jenny & I would look like without you there.

Jenny chose to go with purple and green, done in three sections at the back, and she's promised that when she gets home, she'll add a strip of each color at front, too. Mine is fuschia under at the back and some on top, in strips and tips. I love it! Jenny's looks so good -- the purple is fabulous. I also love Crystal's party on her head colors.

The kids even joined in, painting my hair. Gary was great with the girlfriend invasion, screaming laughter, people sitting ON the table, and doesn't even seem bothered by the purple shower stall he'll be using for days (maybe weeks) to come.

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Ethelwynne's Quest said...

YOUR TOO FAST!!! You got those suckers on quick. haha

I had a wonderful time with my tribe today. It was a great connecting of souls.

As for that purple sink and'll always think of us!!! heehee