Sunday, September 24, 2006

More soccer pictures

The soccer season continues. They've played three games now. Gary said they played hard at yesterday's game. Dan scored a goal! He very excitedly told me 'they even had nets at the goal' and that his team won. No official score is kept at his age, but I've always heard the kids do keep score. Best of all he's really enjoying himself. Earlier this week, he said "Now I like soccer. It's fun!" After his first game, he'd said he wanted to quit. We talked about it and he decided to give it more time.
The Tigers' 06 team photo.
Dan says, "you know how I fell? The other team (member) slipped in the mud and I tripped over him." And I thought it was intense fight for the ball.

Dan in number 5.
Dan at a pre-game practice session.
All chasing the ball during Game 2. Dan's team in the yellow socks.

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