Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dan starts soccer

Also this weekend, amidst all the conference goings-on, Dan started soccer this Saturday. We all went to his first game. I really enjoyed watching him play -- my only chance this fall, since all his games happen on Saturdays when I work.

He played for 3 quarters, and twice almost re-directed the ball and almost made a goal. He really does run like he could go on forever. At his age, they don't keep score, tho Dan tells me 'no one on my team even scored a goal' -- I'm not sure the other team scored more than two (both by the same boy). It was clear the other team had at least three players who've played soccer before, where our team has only one returning player. At least one boy on the other team was the tallest 5yo I've ever seen. Dan's team didn't get any practice, and did well enough for their first time, I think.

Dan said just last evening that soccer would be more fun with no bench-time (each player gets to play, and with 5 kids, two kids are out-of-play at any given time). I pointed out that he had played 3 quarters, so he hadn't really had much bench time. And, hey, they got two snacks. He was a little discouraged by losing (at least from his perspective) but we've assured him that with practice, they'll get better and make more goals. He wants us to practice with him and set up a goal so he can practice.

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