Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Egg Game

During the L&L Conference in September, we bought an egg game. It's an individual or cooperative game, where you spin the stone eggs on a big disc. The goal is to keep the egg spinning, AND on the disc! It's harder than it sounds, since the egg needs a downhill to maintain speed, requiring the player to tip and rebalance the disc constantly.

Dan has played with it -- and can start an egg spinning better than anyone I'd ever seen -- since we brought it home. Andy hadn't really been much interested in it until a few days ago, when Will visited for the day and played with it. He's also really good at starting the egg to spin, with a totally different technique than Dan - one that works better for Andy, too, it seems. Anyone who knows our boys, knows it's not often Andy & Will share a talent for doing anything the same way! It's pretty common for Will & Dan to share a method/style, but Andy & Will have always been like night and day, so it's cool to see Andy able to gain a pointer from Will.

I don't have any pictures of Will with the egg game -- didn't have my camera handy. Dan wouldn't let me take a picture of him using the egg game alone. Not uncommon, since he's often camera-shy lately. Andy, tho, the big ham whenever a camera comes out, let me a take several pictures of him. With 2 eggs on the disc!

Here Andy's starting the 2nd egg -- the egg you see is already spinning.

While I'm typing this, Andy yells "I can do three! Come take a picture! I'm doing three!"

And they can do it together, with 3 eggs!

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