Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winter is here

We had our first really cold day here yesterday -- with rain/sleet and some very tiny, almost invisible snowflakes at our house. The high temp for the day actually happened before daylight, and it only got colder as the day went on.
Yesterday was spent getting our Christmas tree up and decorated. We're planning to make popcorn chains to decorate the pinon tree in the front yard -- maybe next week when it's warmer than 15 degrees, because today it's just too cold to spend an hour or more in the front yard!
Today we woke to find a little snow on the cars and rooftops of our neighborhood, and a bright blue sky, so probably no more snow, but it is really cold.
And it's beginning to look a bit like Christmas, too!

Here's Dan putting a gold star in just the right place. I love how this picture turned out --and don't you just love that face?

When we arrived back home from driving Gary to work, the boys just had to touch the snow to see how if feels. They started out with a handprint each -- that's Dan's off the far right; Andy's is under the Y in his name. They'd written their names in the snow (at least they used their hands!) before I had a chance to get a picture of Andy's handprint.

Andy said he hopes this won't be the only snow this winter.

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